Furnished Lane house for rent on Nanjing road

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东莱大楼301 南京西路585弄2+2,132sqm 26K najing
  ¥25,000 - Old Apartments/Historic Houses
132 Sqm 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Garages

Beautiful 2 bedroom lane house apartment available in Jing’an District on west Nanjing road. The apartment has 132 sq m in total including two bedroom living room and western kitchen and two bathrooms. The whole apartment is renovated and newly furnished. The apartment is bright design in modern and western style. The decorations are stylish and fashionable.

Location and Transportation

Located in Jing’an District on west Nanjing road, walking distance to metro stop Nanjing west road. Overall the location is modern and central it’s close to important traffics, western shopping malls, restaurant and bars. Close to famous west Nanjing market etc.

Property Map

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